Australia Immigration Announce New Strategic Plan

September 23, 2008

As immigration to Australia grows at a steady pace, the Australian government has initiated a number of successful policies, including the highly skilled migration visa in the hope of easing the mobility progress into the country.

As part of further action for continued support to the Australian industries, which are currently feeling under pressure from a skills pool shortage, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) have announced a radical strategic direction for the next three years.

This new procedure comes in the form of the DIAC Strategic Plan 2008-11. The strategic plan has an implementation purpose of a setting about clear and concise strategies in order to assist those opting to study live or work in Australia.

Ultimately the document is a blueprint of how DIAC intends to manage its policies, programs and service delivery. Speaking of its purpose the department's secretary, Andrew Metcalfe said, that "Over the coming years, DIAC will play a leading role in shaping and delivering world-class migration and humanitarian services. Our purpose is to enrich Australia through the well-managed entry and settlement of people - and the DIAC plan is a valuable tool to help staff fulfill this purpose."

The announcement of a strategic plan by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship has been welcomed by many who feel that a redefined focus on settlement for such mover's is a much needed concept.

Migration to Australia is a movement which is becoming increasingly popular as Australia actively promotes its wealth of opportunities and struggling economies encourage many to seek a new life abroad.

Immigration to Australia is a consistently popular ambition in Britain particularly with one in three UK nationals expressing a wish to live and work in Australia.

Such ambitions are not straightforward however as Australian immigration services place strict controls upon how many people may enter the country each year and pays close attention to the professional skills, qualifications and work experience of those people allowed to immigrate to Australia.

In relation to the new plan Metcalfe further said that "In essence, our work is nation-building, where our pivotal role shapes the fabric of our society - now and into the future. The move to a three-year strategic plan is an exciting time for DIAC to focus on its long-term vision."

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