A Bill to Get Highly Skilled Workers to Canada

April 9, 2008

Proposed amendments to the Canadian immigration bill will speed up the immigration process and add to the pool of highly skilled Canadians, a pool that urgently needs to be filled.

Canada has always been a popular immigration destination and has been rated the number one place to live four times in the past decade.

With this new law the immigration minister will be able to fast track applications depending on skills that Canada is currently short on, such as in the medical field and forestry.

"The skilled worker class for Canadian permanent residence is an easy way for skilled workers to migrate to Canada," reports www.Visas To. This supplies immigrants with permanent residence status. Other visas that can be obtained are, namely, family visas, business visas and a working visa under the entrepreneur programme.

However massive backlogs have caused waiting periods of up to six years when it comes to all immigration visas, but with these changes delays that previously were a deterrent to skilled workers would not apply.

Doctors in particular are high on the list of wanted skills for Canada. Canadian doctors are in short supply; therefore these amendments have presented great possibilities for the medical profession. The Canadian Medical Association insist that over 20 000 doctors are required in Canada in order to compete with other countries in terms of man to doctor ratio.

If the bill is passed, the system that currently processes applications based on chronological order would be changed and doctors and other highly skilled professionals would be moved to the front of the queue.

These new rules will also benefit the needs of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic planning committee. Various business and construction agencies require skilled worker for organisational purposes, however the estimate of 65 000 school leavers in not sufficient.

An increase in Canadian immigration is seen as being essential to curbing skills shortages and deal with the predicted estimate of360 000 workers needed by 2025.

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