US E2 Treaty Investor Visas

US E2 Visas give our clients the right to live and work in the US temporarily in order to invest or do business in the country. This visa is specifically for foreign nationals who wish to make a substantial investment in the USA or will make a significant contribution to the US industry or economy. The amount that constitutes a significant investment is dependent on the circumstances and there is no fixed amount. For different routes to American immigration or to find out more about the US E2 visa, give us a call right now or take our free online assessment. 

You could be jetting off to America in no time thanks to the team here at Visas To. We work hard to secure our clients’ US E2 visas in just a few months which makes it one of the fastest routes to US immigration. The timescales that come with processing are controlled by the US immigration authorities and not by Visas To which means we cannot make any guarantees regarding processing times. Because of this, we would always strongly advise our clients not to commit themselves financially to anything which may be affected by a delay in processing which we are unable to control. We know from years of experience that immigration can often be a long process but with our team behind you, you’re sure to have the best chance for success. The government fees for this particular visa currently stand at around a few hundred dollars, although this amount is subject to constant change by the US immigration authorities.

All applicants to the US must be able to show that they are of a good character and are in good health. This can be achieved by providing a police report from your current country of residence along with a medical certificate from a recognised practitioner. For any help in acquiring these documents or for any other information regarding US E2 visas, please get in touch with us right away. Our team of dedicated immigration professionals are sure to be able to answer any questions which you may have about relocating to the USA.

You will not need to secure a job offer from a company in the USA for your case to be accepted. A great benefit of the US E2 visa is that you’re allowed to bring dependents along with you to the USA. This is limited to your immediate family only; relations such as spouse, son or daughter will be accepted. What’s more, after moving to the USA your spouse or partner will be eligible for a work permit so that they can find a job in the USA as well. Because Visas To is a truly comprehensive US immigration specialist, we can help you to find just the right job for you in America. Our team of employment specialists use our extensive network of US employers to find the perfect job for our clients. It’s this attention to detail which makes us the world’s most trusted name in immigration and employment services.

July 15, 2015

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Congratulations to everyone involved with helping me to secure a visa for aus. Really looking forward to starting my new life down under. I know that visa applications are often extremely difficult so i really appreciate all of your great efforts!


Visa arrived yesterday, can't believe it's finally here! Bravo.


my passport has been stamped with my tier 2 visa- my long wait is now over and i want to say thanks for everything you have done. from the time i called you first up until right now everything has been great. please pass on my thanks to my great case manager sara. thanks


The service was so stress free. I had frequent contact with my csm who explained me the process and kept me reassured that my case was in the best hands. And so it was proven. I am now able to work in new zealand thanks to you and your company's team. God bless you.


I would highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to move abroad. VisasTo have everything that you could possibly need. Not only is their login area great at keeping track of your case but they talk to you in a really helpful and understanding manner. It took just over four months for everything to get complete for my relocation to Dubai. Without your help i'm not sure I would have made it! thanks once again


I had great confidence working with VisasTo from the very start. My csm gave me all of the answers that i needed in finding the right immigration solution. Their guidance was priceless.


You guys helped me find just the perfect job for me. The company you put me in contact with were just right and now that ive secure my job and visa i could not be any happier. 


Thanks for everything. There was so much that I didn't know about moving abroad your team really helped me feel relaxed and confident about my application. thanks once again


i only have 2 words to say THANK YOU!!!


Dear all at VisasTo. you have helped me to achieve all of my ambition in moving away from my country and look for nice work



Mr Singh

I feel safe with VisasTo because there are alot of scam company out there and VisasTo helped me ina caring honest manner. it is now six months since i apply and am anticipating my work permit in days. A BIG THANKS


The Service was perfect. At the begining i was a sceptic but am now on my way to south africa


I would definitely use this service again and hopefulyl will when i apply for my us citizenship!


If i had any doubts whatsoever i could speak direct to my CSM that was great


If you need to relocate anywhere you should always trust the VisasTo team to help you in securing your permits. they helped me to achieve my dreams!! thanks


"You worked so hard on my case and im sure thats why i was successful. It really helped by reading the site and with the login area i could see every thing to do with my application."


"I understand that immigration cases often take a long time to organise and complete which is why i did not mind the wait i knew that everything was been taken care of by professional people. Every one must be patient because this is a serious process and not one that can be done immediately!!!"


"I'm over the moon with the quality of consultancy which has been afforded to me and my family. We understood that building a case for immigration was always going to be tough, so choosing VisasTo to carry out this tricky work on our behalf meant we saved a lot of time and effort. I would happily recommend your services to my family and friends. Thank you once again."

Carla F

Comments: You has been an absolute star, you always returns my calls and ALWAYS gives us the correct information.  Our documents have now been submitted to WA Australia, we are awaiting a case officer to be allocated to us. 

My Case Manager has so much patience and is very understanding. She always returns my calls, I call a number of times :) I am a stress freak at the moment due to my pregnancy, she was very re-assuring and super efficient, I will definitely recommend you to family relatives and friends who want to immigrate.

 I am so very happy the way your people are answer my question ,there are very caring,thanks.

Hello to every one who is in VisasTo, infact I want to use this opportunity to thank VisasTo for how they have being manageing my case .
More especially my case manage , Although I have not win my case yet but I know me and my family are on our way to Canada , but what suprise me with this VisasTo is the way my case manage talk to me , she talk to me like a mother,a sister and a brother ,that makes me to like talking to her every day and she makes things easy for me to understand ,once again thank you VisasTo for given her( miss Mo)such training and thank you for the way you are handling my case and I hope you will win my case in due time thanks and God bless you .


 I found the services of my case worker to be very professional, courteous and helpful in all aspects of helping me sort out my immigration status. She also seemed like a very friendly and down to earth person which made it so much easier.